About Us


The Transformative Technologies Research Unit (TTRU) examines the historical, social, philosophical and political ramifications of the transformation of technologies and the transformation by technologies. Our approach is aligned with the Digital Humanities: we use digital tools and methods to rethink how to deliver traditional humanities research, and we analyse new technologies using traditional humanities and interdisciplinary modes of inquiry.


Magic_Lantern_Ernst_Plank_1850TTRU adopts an interdisciplinary approach that brings together researchers from across the Faculty of Arts while also building collaborations with other Faculties within the university in order to investigate the transformative impact that technologies have had on the human experience historically and in the C21st. TTRU is especially interested in working collaboratively with industry partners.



There is much to be gained by offering insight into transformative technologies through the Humanities. TTRU examines the diverse impact that technologies have had and are continuing to have on human identity and society. While the digital era is the primary focus of the unit, we would be remiss to preclude other transformative technologies of the past. A critical understanding of our present and future can create deeper understandings through an examination of the technological shifts of past societies.

News & Events


TTRU frequently organises a range of events, including public lectures, masterclasses, workshops, book launches, exhibitions, symposia and conferences. We regularly post upcoming events on the events page.


downloadThe Transformative Technologies Research Unit works with a range of partners from across industry (commercial and public institutions) and the academic world both in Australia and internationally.


drawing-boy-automata-the-writerA number of graduate candidates are affiliated with the unit. TTRU also provides support for postgraduates in the form of top up funding for research trips or the needs of a specific project.