The State of the Art in Virtual Reality Applications – Workshop and Masterclass day with Matt Lee, Duncan Ransom & Mark Pesce

 VR-Image---2Virtual reality is a transformative technology that is disrupting many facets of traditional business, media and social communications. This is your chance to discover the commercial and creative opportunities first-hand from VR masters. This is a partnership between the University of Melbourne (Transformative Technologies Research Unit (Faculty of Arts), Microsoft Social NUI, Melbourne Networked Society Institute, The Carlton Connect initiative) and X Media Lab. X Media Lab (XML) has played a leading role by teaching the core advanced skill sets of the new innovation industries. Over the past 13 years, XML has run major international conferences and workshops in 22 global cities.

The event includes an executive briefing session (in the morning) and 3 VR masterclasses in the afternoon run by 3 leaders in the field of VR. For information about bookings go to the XMediaLab website.

mattleeMatt Lee
VP of Alibaba investment arm Youku Global Media Fund, Hangzhou/Hong Kong

Matt Lee is Vice President of the Alibaba investment arm of Youku Global Media Fund (China’s leading online video services provider). Alibaba is one of the world’s largest e-commerce services providers with offices in Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Mumbai, London and Milan. Prior to Alibaba, Matt was an venture investor at Pereg Ventures, an early stage VC focusing on media and marketing technologies in USA and Israel. Matt previously was a systems engineer at Macquarie Group, and worked on enterprise software and hardware projects in Australia, Canada and USA. He is an angel investor and adviser to tech startups such as (co-living) and Designfeed (marketing tech). He also worked as advisor to companies at Microsoft Ventures in London, Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator and NYU Incubator in New York. Matt holds an MBA from London Business School and a Bachelors in Engineering from University of New South Wales in Australia.

dransomDuncan Ransom
Academy Award winner and CEO, The Endless Collective, New York

Duncan Ransom is the Founder and CEO of The Endless Collective, a full-service production studio specialising in virtual/augmented reality applications, photo-real digital sculpting and high-end 3D pre-visualisation. Before establishing The Endless Collective, Duncan served as a computer-generated story artist and animator with legendary animation studio, Framestore CFC, where he and his team won the VFX category Academy Award for their work on Gravity. His animation work has also been seen in other visually stunning films including Edge of Tomorrow, 47 Ronin and Clash of the Titans. Duncan is currently focused on using immersive technology tools to help improve and redefine aid in the healthcare, environmental, medical and recreational therapy industries.

mark_pesce-lca2011Mark Pesce
Co-Creator of VRML, Sydney

Mark Pesce is one of the world’s foremost VR pioneers. He’s also an author, broadcaster and engineer. In 1991 he founded the first consumer virtual reality startup, inventing an orientation sensor for low-cost applications adopted by Sega for its Virtua VR head-mounted display. Three years later he co-invented the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), which became the first standard for interactive 3D graphics on the World Wide Web. While running the VRML Architecture Group, Mark founded the first startup to use VRML to deliver streaming entertainment. In 1998, he was invited to found the Graduate Program in Interactive Media at USC’s world-famous School of Cinema-Television, teaching the next generation of creative professionals how to master new storytelling technologies. Mark was invited to Sydney in 2003 to establish an Emerging Media program at AFTRS. He has an Honorary Appointment in the Digital Cultures Program at the University of Sydney. Mark writes for internationally respected tech publication, The Register, and was a panelist on the ABC’s hit series The New Inventors for seven years. He currently hosts This Week in Startups Australia, the nation’s leading tech podcast.

Executive Briefing – Half-Day (Morning) – 8.30am-12pm 

@ Arts West North Wing-153 (Forum Theatre)

This session is for business executives that need to understand the latest developments in the VR landscape. Explore the practical opportunities for business applications with case studies, best practices and emerging VR trends that will impact Australian businesses.

Session One: The State of the Art: Learn everything you need to know about the current state of VR, how the technology is impacting business and what this means for the future of customer experience.

Session Two: Best Practices and Case Studies: Real-world business, corporate, commercial and enterprise examples for inspiration and the difference it can make in Australia and around the world. This session will include presenters from the University of Melbourne who will talk about some of the VR projects currently underway.  

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-5-53-33-pmProfessor Frank Vetere, Director of the Microsoft Research Centre for SocialNUI (University of Melbourne): Introduction to the Research Centre.

“Onebody: the View from Within for Martial Arts Training” – Dr. Thuong HoangResearch Fellow & Martin Reinoso, PhD Candidate, Microsoft Research Centre for SocialNUI.

Thuong Hoang and Martin Reinoso will present and demonstrate a SocialNUI project that explores natural user interface technology for the knowledge transfer of motor skills, in such areas as martial arts. ‘Onebody’ is a virtual reality training system that helps people understand the correct body movements and posture required for learning sport or other physical activities. Thuong will discuss how, through this project, researchers explored immersive virtual reality and body tracking technology to provide a virtual training environment for motor skills; and how body tracking technology, such as the Microsoft Kinect, is used to virtualise the movements of both the teacher and the students as virtual avatars.

lithodomosProfessor Angela Ndalianis, Director, Transformative Technologies Research Unit (Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne): Introduction to TTRU

“3D Visualisation Technologies and immersive experiences in reconstructed archaeological sites” – Simon Young (Transformative Technologies Research Unit/CEO and Co-Founder of LITHODOMOSVR)

Simon Young’s PhD research focused on observer experiences of ancient cityscapes. Simon will explain how, during his research as a classical archaeologist, he became acquainted with 3D visualisation software eventually creating archaeologically correct digital reconstructions of ancient cityscapes. He will discuss and demonstrate how he incorporated Virtual Reality devices to experience reconstructed ancient (virtual) cities on site and how, in turn, this led to establishing his own company LithodomosVR – which accurately transforms sites and artefacts from the ancient world into immersive virtual reality experiences in the modern world.

VR Masterclasses 1.30-4.30 – The afternoon sessions are streamed into 3 separate sessions.

Stream 1: Matt Lee – VP of Alibaba investment arm Youku Global Media Fund (Beijing)
INVESTMENT STREAM: Proposing VR Ideas to Investors or Management @ Arts West North Wing-156 (Lectorial Room)

Stream 2: Duncan Ransom – Academy Award Winner – (New York)
STORY STREAM: The Art and Craft of VR Experiences  
@ Arts West North Wing 556 (Lectorial Room II)

Stream 3: Mark Pesce – Co-Creator of Virtual Reality Mark-up Language (VRML)
CODE STREAM: Human-Centred VR Design: Everything You Need To Know to Design Experiences that are Safe, Effective & Respectful 
@ Arts West North Wing-153 (Forum Theatre)

For information about bookings go to the XMediaLab website.


3D Visualisation Technologies and immersive experiences in reconstructed archaeological sites – Simon Young

image_09TTRU Seminar
Arts West Collaborative Space, Room 356
25 August, 1-2.15pm

As affordable 3D visualisation technology improves at a breathtaking pace, digital renderings of ancient cityscapes are now commonly employed in archaeological presentations and publications. With the development of a variety of head mounted virtual reality devices, many of which are currently hitting the market, it will not be long before this technology is used for archaeological demonstrations. Yet, as we strive for ever more photorealistic digital simulations of the ancient world, we must pause to assess the real usefulness of employing such technology to communicate archaeological theories and findings, and consider potential pitfalls that we may fall into in our haste to embrace these exciting new developments.

Simon Young is a PhD student in Classical archaeology working on observer experiences of ancient cityscapes. During his research Simon has become acquainted with 3D visualisation software (and through the use of photogrammetry and 3D printing) and has created archaeologically correct digital reconstructions of ancient cityscapes. He has also incorporated Virtual Reality devices (particularly the Oculus Rift) to experience ancient cities on site. For further information about Simon’s immersive reality projects, go to his Lithodomos site.